Wooden Custom Call Buttons

Designer Wooden Custom Call Buttons

If the way things look matter to your organisation then these call buttons will be for you. Fully custom designed by LRS UK to meet exacting customer needs with the latest technology integrated in to wooden high quality designs for all uses indoors. Our specialists can help you to design your own housings or alternatively choose from one of our brand new custom solutions available right now.

Our custom wood enclosures do not cut corners where quality is concerned so using these cases offers a feel of the highest quality - something that our clients tell us is extremely important in the typical environments where these call buttons are used. Battery life of the call buttons is always important and there are many competitive solutions out there that simply use batteries at an alarming rate. Our push buttons do not suffer in this way because we have developed answers to that problem. Our transmitters will actually 'go to sleep' when no being used by a client so battery life is extensive. But when it's time to change batteries our enclosures allow easy access.

Physical button options for these wooden enclosures include many options including buttons that light up, buttons designed to stop vandalism, various colour buttons and other options. Faceplates where used on a design can be permanently engraved with your company name and/or logo and the faceplates can be any colour.

We have recently introduced a faux leather Levant material for the external finish of some of our wooden enclosures that is available in a number of colours and pattern finishes offering a different feel to call button housings than what other competitive companies can offer.

Unlike some call button paging solutions on the market the range of the transmitter that we integrate in to these designs is at least 200 metres and we find that many clients achieve far further.

Unique design call buttons

It is possible to obtain unique designs even in small quantities of these call buttons; made with real wood housings in a variety of colours they can further be customised (subject to design) to integrate your company logo and/or branding; battery driven with high power batteries ensures that these call buttons last some time before recharging is needed and batteries can help to message our pagers at distance. These are all exceptionally high quality custom call button boxes

Range is up to 200 metres.

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Customised Call Buttons

Completely custom designed

Unique custom designs only available from LRS to exacting specifications.

Custom Designer Call button with illuminated button (optional) in a choice of colours.

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Customised Housings for Call Buttons