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Staff communications are really the backbone of business. If staff can't communicate ultimately service will be poor, staff cannot carry out their duties and profitability will suffer. Even worse, lone workers could be injured. Our wireless paging systems help resolve those problems. Stylish and effective solutions that can message or alert staff when required will help to resolve communication problems once and for all.

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Simple staff paging system

The TX9560MT transmitter is one of our biggest selling units and no matter which pagers you choose this unit will offer a range of up to 1/2 mile in open air; you can be sure that staff will receive the message to act upon; pages up to 999 pagers so it is unlikely that you might run out of equipment for staff any time soon; battery or mains and the unit works for up to 8 hours before needing a recharge; the simplest staff solution we have for making employees more efficient with better communications; can page all LRS pagers.

Extended range available. 

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Simple Staff Paging System

High powered staff paging system

If you need a longer range than our other on-site paging equipment to message staff this TX7470 based system is perfect; this transmitter can page every pager we make so staff can use this solution as dual purpose for employees and customers if the budget is tight; messaging has never been easier and with 76 pre-stored texts messaging is a couple of key presses away; optionally page staff to their cellphone anywhere!

Range on the device is up to two miles in open air and range extenders are available.

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High Powered Staff Paging System

Staff PC paging system

For communications to staff from any computer or network our NetPage Unlimited is a perfect solution; keep records and reports of all messaging (can be used for customers too); tasks can be allocated to specific staff or a group and when completed staff report back that the tasks are complete; integrated wait lists; cellphone SMS texts are simple to send; this software can work over the internet between sites for staff paging if necessary; works with TX7470 and TX7470-232 transmitters.

Increase staff communications beyond what you thought possible.

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Staff PC Paging System

OptiCall opticians staff paging system

When LRS UK introduced OptiCall™ to Specsavers in the UK we changed their method of customer handover forever; with increases in product sales and closing prices and improved staff efficiencies this is probably the best opticians handover paging solution in the world today; contacting managers, staff groups or individuals has never been easier and increasing the customer flow never simpler; battery or mains driven device with specific messages per button (fully customisable) makes the OptiCall the device for forward thinking opticians.

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OptiCall Opticians Staff Paging System

Butler XP staff paging system

Just one button press to either one or more staff member, a group or everyone; although the Butler  XP is used for emergency paging, this device can also be used to call staff to any unmanned area within the business; facility to cancel a message from the pager and send a message to all staff that the request has been handled; works with all 'message' pagers.

This device has a range of around 250 metres and can work from battery or optionally a mains kit;

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Butler XP Staff Paging System

Butler II staff paging system

The Butler II is configued in one or five button versions; These are fully programmable so that staff receive exact messages to respond to; range is 250 metres; works with all LRS staff pagers; can be used anywhere indoors and works from battery; optional button available to extend use of the butler II to a 'bell' solution that can page staff; improve staff efficiency and with this low cost transmitter solution most budgets can meet the costs of this solution.

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Butler II Staff Paging System

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

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Choosing the right solution

We supply the leading operators in the UK that all need on-site communication solutions and systems, our solutions are tailored to your exact needs. As a manufacturer our solutions will ensure that staff efficiency is at a peak and service levels will increase. Contact our expert sales team now.

LRS Staff Paging Systems Components

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