Restaurant Waitlist Management Solutions

Simple to use guest flow tool for busy restaurants

Managing guests who are waiting is critical to avoid walk aways or dissatisfied guests; Reduce the waiting areas to zero and allow guests to visit the bar or other area of your premises. Importantly,  if staff have no way of managing guests they might well be wasting time trying to find guests when their table is ready and who knows where they could be. Easily manage a queue of people, make the queue invisible and increase efficiency of staff that will lead to increased revenue stream. Now LRS has the perfect solution in On-cue, a free application that can be downloaded right now and is designed for the hospitality industry. Guest service levels and table turns will increase by utilising this simple yet sophisticated application.

For an advanced waitlist management tool please check our Netpage Unlimited.

On-cue for restaurants

We developed on-cue the answer to managing waitlists in restaurants, pubs and bars and its completely free! The application comes with SMS texts also free* too! so guests cannot ever be 'out of range'. You will not need anything else other than an Apple iPAD to make this solution work for you. If you want to use paging solutions for guests, other hardware is optionally needed depending on the requirements but all equipment is high quality and low cost. Reporting is available for management to ensure that guests are getting the best service available. This unbeatable solution is available to download right now; click the on-cue image below to find out how.

On-cue app

Here are some of the features for on-cue:

  • Simplest guest entry; add guests in three simple steps
  • SMS customer notifications that the table is ready
  • Customised text messaging to guests ensure that the guest experience is enhanced
  • Status tool ensures that all key expectations are met and monitored
  • Notify guests seamlessly with our on-site CS7 recall pagers
  • Fastest update of waitlist

On-cue has an incredible ability for making the most of guest management; we offer out of the box solutions and can easily help you with the setup if you have any issues from our UK office; and our PC paging solution is perfect for the larger hotels.

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div on-cue
The On-cue application

CS7 Coaster Call

The trusted original LRS guest pager, completely re-imagined, gives you more control. We invite you to be amongst the first to experience our new guest pager design.

Completely Reinvented This unique and brand new design is more durable, sleek, and reliable. Your guests will love the bold new look.

Intelligent technology The device that uniquely acknowledges and confirms when a message is delivered gives the assurance needed to run a smarter business.

Completely Adaptable Simple to program it yourself. Set pager numbers on the fly, and integrate it with crucial operational solutions.

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CS7 Coaster Call

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the restaurant and hospitality sector are shown below.

Locate an image and click on the bar. Products are tried and tested in restaurants so you can rest assured that our paging communication solutions will work for you.

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