Restaurants Waterproof Call Button Paging Solutions

Waterproof Call Button Pager Solutions Increase Table Turns

If you operate a restaurant and have outdoor tables as is often the case these days, it can be a problem to know if a customer needs service. Customers demand a high service level and can become disgruntled or very disappointed when the service falls below their perceived service level. Customers tend never to forget bad service so it remains important to ensure that customers are serviced in a timely manner. These waterproof call button pagers system can help to increase profitability and customer service levels. Safe for outdoors.

Simple to use, the customer presses the button on the LRS paging system button and an alert is messaged to a staff alphanumeric pager. Staff can respond immediately and the service and sales will increase because of improved quality of service. Low cost solutions for outdoor tables that will increase table turns dramatically. Originally designed for use on a beach water has no effect in the operation of the units and they can even be 'left outside' without any negative effects to the button.

Optionally where you might need a second push button (maybe allowing the customer to ask for the bill). We now can supply the unit with two separate and independently programmable buttons. When a customer needs the bill they simply press this second button and staff are immediately notified about the customers request. The unit is easily branded with customised labels if you need them for your operation.

Butler XP Waterproof Call Buttons

These water resistant call buttons offer incredible features; low cost and high quality.

  • A number of colours available
  • Up to 250 metre's plus option for large site coverage
  • Extended battery life or mains powered (optional)
  • Long guarantee
  • Can page individual, team or everyone for fastest response

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Butler XP Waterproof Paging Call Button

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