Restaurant Custom Call Button Paging Systems and Solutions

Wireless Call buttons for restaurants and fine dining

Customer service is one of the most important aspects in a restaurant; customers kept waiting because staff are not immediately available could detract from the highest service levels so staff communication for guests is critical; fast efficient service can be achieved with LRS custom call button solutions and pagers. If a customer or guest presses a button staff are notified immediately and directly - there are no panels involved (which often reduce service levels) so staff can respond immediately. The message received is customisable to your exact needs and even a manager could also be paged which makes staff efficiency increase too.

Increased revenue stream

Using these call buttons allows customers or guests to easily order other food or drinks that might otherwise not been ordered if they could not contact staff easily. Buying from a manufacturers office ensures that products will not be obsolete as soon as bought and guarantees the pricing is the best there is by removing middle men. Return on investment has been seen as short of 10 working days. Using our new 'sniffer' technology will ensure that monitoring of the system is simple without high prices of other 'integrated' systems.

Style: new design

This 'style' design shown on the right has all of the benefits other solutions usually compromise:

  • Any wood colour available
  • Up to 150 metre's plus option for whole site coverage
  • Extended battery life using lithium polymer technology
  • Long guarantee
  • Custom made to your exact requirements
  • Huge battery ensures long use periods

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div call-button-style-restaurants
New 'Style' Design Custom Call Button

Elegance: new design

Newly designed 'elegance' call button is available in natural wood finish; one single button per unit; fully programmable; regular battery or optional lithium polymer rechargeable; other details as our 'Style' design. 

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div custom-call-box
New 'Elegance' Design Custom Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the restaurant and hospitality sector are shown below.

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