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Increasing profit levels with waiter to kitchen paging system communications

Communication between the kitchen staff and waiters is critical for the correct operation and increased profitability of any restaurant; LRS' waiter paging solutions have been proven to help to achieve this goal; reducing food delivery times and increasing table-turns increase profitability. When the food is prepared by the chefs in the kitchen, one button press will alert the waiter staff by flash, beep or vibration to their pager and recall them to the kitchen to collect the food. Overall pub or bar ambience is minimalised and customers can eat in quieter surroundings.

Fastest returns

In almost every installation return on investment can be as short as just a few weeks from implementation of the pager system. Losses from cold food become a thing of the past, increased sales by staff that are more efficient and up to 20% more table turns. Revenue streams and profitability increases with staff that are more attentive to customer needs.

Basic waiter paging system

Our low cost professional paging system for kitchen to waiter communication; using our TX9560EZ transmitter optional pagers include the SP4 pager buzzer, our SP5 rechargeable text pager or our 4 line alpha pager which all work with  this transmitter option; the transmitter is mains powered but also has a battery that allows operation for up to eight hours; rage is up to half a mile; 12 one page buttons but can page 999 pagers.

This solution is used throughout the UK in very large pubs and bars, restaurants and many other sectors; one of the largest selling systems available.

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Basic Waiter Paging System


Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the restaurant and hospitality sector are shown below.

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 We help clients achieve perfect results with communications that are critical especially when your business depends on it; so there's no way that poor support is commensurate with a great product; that's why we will go the distance to help where these solutions are concerned; we supply all of the accessories as well, benefits that you cannot find elsewhere.

LRS Featured Products for Restaurants

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