Pubs and Bars Push Button Paging Systems

Push buttons for pubs and bars

Customer service is one of the most important aspects in any pub or bar; customers kept waiting because staff are not immediately available could detract from the highest service levels so staff communication for customers is essential; fast efficient service can be achieved with LRS custom push button solutions. If a customer or guest presses a button staff are notified immediately and directly; there are no panels involved (which often reduce service levels) so staff can respond immediately. The message received is customisable to your exact needs and even a manager can be paged for increased staff efficiency.

Increased revenue stream

Using these low cost push buttons allows customers to easily order other food or drinks that might well have not been ordered if they could not contact staff easily. Buying from a manufacturers office ensures that products will not be obsolete as soon as bought and guarantees the pricing is the best there is by removing middle men. Return on investment has been seen to be as short as 10 working days in the UK. Using our new 'sniffer' technology will ensure that monitoring of the system is simple without high prices of other 'integrated' systems.

Butler II Butler Call

This is a simple five button unit that can have up to five custom messages and is sometimes used in bars and pubs depending on the aesthetics of the pub or bar; battery or mains use and is a relatively low cost solution for customers to contact staff.

  • One or five button units
  • Up to 250 metre's plus option for whole site coverage
  • Extended battery life up to 1 year depending on use
  • Can be mains driven optionally
  • Long guarantee


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div butler-2-push-button
Butler II Push Button

Pronto Push Buttons

The pronto comes in a one or six button configuration and is perfect for on the table in pubs and bars; the unit allows instant contact to staff and buttons can be custom programmed for specific use such as wine, food, manager etc.

  • Uses battery power that lasts for months
  • Range is up to 100 metres but is extendable
  • Custom messaging
  • Low cost
  • Simple to use for staff and customers

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div pronto
Pronto One or Six Call Button

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions using pagers for the pubs and bars and hospitality sector are shown below.

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