Table Tracker for Pubs and Bars

EXACT table location can easily be found

Locating a table where food is to be delivered in most fast casual pubs and bars and at peak times its possible that even the food can be delivered cold. Dissatisfied customers from bad service is often the result. But now the Table Tracker from LRS will help solve all of those problems. it works simply, give a table tracker unit to the customer, the customer will choose any table and place the tracker unit on to their chosen location; immediately the system knows exactly which table the customer has chosen. Lastly the runner delivers food to the exact table.

Improving staff efficiency results in improved service levels, less cold food deliveries and faster table turns are the result. Serving this industry since 1993 we understand the needs of our customers and our professional factory trained staff certainly can help to specify a perfect solution for your requirements.

Fast return on investment

Return on investment of the table tracker solution is just a few months and proven many times in many industries; but the gains achieved by installing and using table tracker will continue for years. Main advantages of table tracker include:

  • Food delivered directly to the table
  • Reduce delivery times by around one minute per order (sites have seen reductions from 12 minutes down to as low as three minutes in the UK in reality)
  • Customer acknowledgement of great service on social networks
  • Increase invested time with customers
  • Obtain custom and unique reporting and analysis of data that could be achieved with no other solution
  • Incredible leading technology drives table tracker from the inside out; the engineering customers have come to expect from LRS
  • Backed by a whole team of professionals always available throughout the process to help implement, train, launch and service your business.

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the pubs and bars and hospitality sector are shown below.

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LRS Table Tracker for the Pubs and Bars Sector

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