Marine Sector Staff Paging Systems and Solutions

Excellent communications you can depend on

 It's important to have reliable communication between staff and immediate messaging is a key factor of success. Paging systems are perfect for kitchen to waiter to tell them that the food is ready for delivery to the table or even regular text messaging to staff. Alternative uses include customer to staff paging when a guest needs service by staff.  It can interface with third party equipment such as fire-alarms where messaging is sent to staff or even forward messages to two-way radios.

Simple integration to other systems

Staff pager solutions help to make communications highly effective so that improvements to service is instant. Solutions include either wall mount or table mount staff paging units. Easy messaging to alphanumeric text pagers with 76 pre-stored messages or ad-hock text to pager or with options to two-way radios. It is extremely useful where staff carry out many tasks because the text is descriptive. LRS pagers can interface with alarms, engine room monitoring and many other third party systems found on yachts. Our paging systems are low cost solution for contacting staff simply and efficiently.

Waiter paging system

Our lowest cost professional solution for kitchen to waiter communication; optional pagers include the SP4 pager buzzer, our SP5 rechargeable text pager or our 4 line alphanumeric pager which all work with  this transmitter option; the transmitter is mains powered but also has a battery for up to eight hours use; range is up to half a mile; 12 one press page buttons but the unit can page 999 pagers.

Extended range available. 

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Waiter Paging System

Our Standard system

Instant messaging for paging or SMS text to staff (where there is service) improves communication. Powerful enough for most yachts. Pre-stored or ad-hock messages are simple to deploy. Desk mount and mains powered. Contact staff easily with on-board or off-board messaging in an affordable package.

Range is up to two miles in open air and range extenders are available.

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High Power Staff Paging

Solutions that are tried, tested and trusted

Specific solutions for the marine sector are shown below.

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