TX9601 Heatproof Kitchen Transmitter

Professional Transmitter

The TX9601 heatproof transmitter from LRS is designed for use in professional kitchens in a restaurant environment; the TX9601 can page up to sixteen staff by 'one-touch' operation but 999 staff from the keypad; all staff pagers can be messaged from this unit; there is simultaneous manager paging; duty page facility to ensure important repeatable tasks are carried out. Using this device to recall staff to the kitchen will increase efficiency of staff, reduce cold food delivery and enhance the customers experience.

The T9601 unit can page all of our server pagers and is designed for the highest level of professional kitchen operation.

Please note that this unit is now discontinued and is being replaced with other solutions.

Heat proof casing  

Made to exacting specifications this transmitter is developed specifically for working professional kitchen to waiter use; able to page our waiter pager and message pagers this unit is proven in busy kitchens throughout the UK; range is up to 1/2 mile and can be enhanced with range extenders; the TX9601 operates from UK mains; pager numbers from 1 to 999; heat resistant casing made of heat dissipating aluminium extrusion.

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TX9601 Transmitter