Adverteaser Pager AT4

Customer class commercial paddle pagers for guests or patients

One of the main challenges where anyone has to wait for any kind of service is managing the queue successfully and negating the problems that a queue can generate such as walkaways. This guest, customer or patient pager has been used throughout the world to remedy that situation for many years. Simple effective customer recall without over-budget issues is important. Make the queue invisible so no-one will ever know there's even a queue there. Manage customers and increase service levels exponentially with the resulting revenue stream increases.

The AT4 has a specific area of the pager that is reserved for either putting instructions or advertising on to the unit so that users could know operational procedures of your facility or purchase other services or products by advising them of promotions. This pager's advertising feature is installed in a tamper-proof method that will stop patients or customers from interfering with the message in any way but is simple to change if you know how. There are no screws available on the unit for anyone to tamper with by design which ensures a very long life paging product.

The Adverteaser operates by using a flash, vibration or a beep or any combination so we can set up the device in a way that best works for your operation. The unit can also work in two different modes that we can also program. Mode one allows the user to send a message to the user and mode two is regular pager mode. Either option carries no extra cost.

The casing is manufactured from Lexan material which is the toughest and most robust choice for pager casings. These pagers have been used continuously throughout the United Kingdom in many of the sectors we supply but particularly in restaurants, pubs and bars, hospitals and other similar businesses wherever customers or patients form a queue. It forms part of one of the most efficient ways to manage queues ever developed. LRS invented the coaster pager in 1993 and has been supplying business since then with customer solutions that work and are extremely cost effective. The Adverteaser is one of them.

Simplest guest and patient recall system available from LRS

Uses 4 leds and a motor for vibration as well as a beeper.

  • No exposed screws prevents tampering with the unit
  • One-piece paddle construction made of Lexan
  • Shock-resistant casing
  • Standard, business-card-size advertising area
  • Vibration, flash, beep, or flash/beep alert modes
  • Anti theft mode
  • Low-battery indicator
  • High power batteries
  • Overall size: 2.25" x 7.0"
  • Battery life is about 48 hours on a single charge

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AT4 Adverteaser pager