Check Point Survey System

Check Point survey solution

Check Point is a survey solution that is very affordable. Flexible in use and can enhance customer satisfaction dramatically. Knowing exactly what customers think about your business and services gives you the ability to make informed decisions. Using pager technology that allows you to discuss issues with customers before they leave the premises is unique to this system. This is a major aspect of ensuring that customers are happy - there is no other way you would ever find out this important information. These paging solutions notify you of issues that may have arisen in the customers visit. Lastly data collection will ensure that you know exactly the great points and not so great aspects of your business thus giving you an insight that could otherwise never be shared. In this way it is possible to improve service levels, productivity and revenue streams of any business.

There are many features of the system that can be customised to produce unique surveys for clients. Questions that can branch to other questions dependent on the answer, calculations that can be performed on input data, if a customer 'would not recommend a friend' an option that allows the manager to be notified with one of our pager units immediately.

It is possible to run multiple surveys during any day and have those auto switch at specified times. For example in a restaurant environment you can present specific surveys at the correct times of breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on, but also this ability can be applied to any business scenario. Checkpoint uses lower cost Android tablets so affordability of the whole solution is well within most business budgets for this type of survey device. It is possible to run multiple tablet's with the same surveys or different survey's if necessary.

The reporting facility can be used to consolidate all data if necessary, but if you want to drill down to the collected data then simply download the raw data in commonly used formats.

There is no limit to the number of surveys you can collect other than how fast any survey is completed and we encourage surveys (from our experience) typically of around 12 questions maximum because if you have substantially more questions for participants they often would not complete the survey. We have seen companies data colection of surveys in the many thousands over just one weekend with just one tablet in use so CheckPoint is a very effective way of learning more from customers.

Check Point data collection

With LRS connect you are able to archive all the data that checkpoint survey will collect for later analysis if needed. Check point survey runs on most android tablets and involves the use of pagers for fast response to customer negative or positive feedback.

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Check Point survey solution