Zigbee Receiver and Software for Table Tracker

Zigbee Receiver with Software for Table Tracker Solutions

The heart and soul of table tracker this Zigbee receiver and software has taken years to develop for fast casual restaurants; ensures that the waiter can take food directly to the table the customer chooses; usually pre-installed on to a custom touch screen PC for version two of table tracker and on to a specialised gateway for version three software operational with Apple iPAD's.

Once installed (as supplied) there is no user attention needed to this component; it operates on very specific frequencies and is completely UK compliant so the tracker system does NOT need any UK Ofcom license to operate.

Incredibly powerful solution

Made to above industry standard specifications; designed to be used professionally in fast casual restaurants for locating customers exact position and table in the restaurant; no-compromise solution for fast casual restaurants; full reporting of all transactional data accessible through our LRS Connect channel.

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Zigbee Receiver and Software for Table Tracker