Table Top Dock for Table Tracker

Optional Table Top Dock for Standard Table Tracker

A robust 'Dock' that is used on tables if the under table tags are not required or affordable; the dock is used to place the table tracker on at the table and will show on the main screen where the customer is seated when they have found a suitable table.

The table top dock is a low cost option for our standard table tracker system but the operability of the solution is not really affected. Choose the dock of you do not mind having a dock on the top of the table and choose the under table tags if you want a completely table free option. The dock labels can be optionally customised to reflect your branding and or decor.

Robust Dock

Made to industry standard specifications by LRS; robust and designed to be used in the standard basic Table Tracker configuration; saves cost; requires no power; can be customised and branded.

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Table Top Dock for the Standard Table Tracker