On-Cue Plans for Wait List Management

Available Plans for On-Cue Waitlist App

Using LRS On-Cue plans could not be simpler; its free as a download form iTunes; but if you want to integrate other solutions available from us you will need a plan that suits your exact needs; no problem, we have a number of low cost simple payment options that are suitable for every customers budget.

When you download On-cue from the internet and use it there are a number of SMS texts available for free; but if you are serious about using the On-cue waitlist for your restaurant or healthcare environment then the simple answer is to sign up to these lowest cost plans as shown below.

Low cost and affordable

On-Cue can operate without buying these services from LRS, but if you want a complete low cost solution then the On-Cue monthly or annual plans for sms and reporting make sense.

Provided free in all plans:

  •  Unlimited parties
  •  Connect 5 tablets per location
  •  Connect unlimited transmitters
  •  Unlimited users
  •  Table Management
  •  Multi-device sync

Alternatives include:

Trial Basic Professional
Unlimited Trial Period
200 SMS Messages per month
1,000 SMS Messages
per month
Unlimited SMS Messages
per month


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