OEM TX Transmitters

OEM-TX Transmitter for integration to many solutions

The OEM TX board (Alert 7) from LRS UK offers a solution for many problem areas including fire alarms, integrated paging solutions, staff attack, call buttons for cinemas and changing rooms, machine monitoring in factories and manufacturing.

Unique board

Although this board may look similar to others on the internet there are a number of things that separate this one from all others available:

  • Fully CE and RoHS compliant
  • 7 dry contacts
  • Unique code embedding that allows this board to work in a custom method for our applications and is not available from anywhere else
  • Can be integrated for open closed or closed open contact.
  • Used in some of our most custom designs
  • Suitable for fire-alarms integration and staff attack solutions
  • Uses pagers for communication


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div oem-tx
CLRS UK OEM TX board for integrated solutions