CH-R9 Charger for Adverteaser AT4 and SP4 Pagers

Charging unit for Adverteaser (AT4) or SP4 Pagers

Designed specifically for AT4 Adverteaser and the SP4 service or waiter pagers for paging in many sectors of business this unit can support 5 pagers but as shown can support up to 20 individual units.

As you can see from the image below these can stack up to four units that link with small joining wires so that you can use just one power supply to charge a substantial number of pagers.

These chargers are shown mounted to an optional base plate that can be wall mounted. However each individual charger could also be wall mounted to increase working surface areas.

Charger unit

Each 5U LRS charging unit can be linked together to make up to 4 x 5U thus supporting 20 pagers from just one power supply; these chargers save massive space on the working area by allowing the chargers to be wall mounted.

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div ch-r9
Charging unit for Adverteaser and SP4 pagers