Butler II Push Buttons

Butler II push buttons

Originally designed for small restaurants to page a waiter to the kitchen but later used for a multiplicity of sectors and uses the Butler II is a very flexible push button solution. Today the unit is used in healthcare, opticians, restaurants and other sectors that need instant messaging to a pager. And this unit includes features that enhance the use of the Butler II way beyond any competitive products by design. Repeat paging until the cancel button is pressed ensures that staff cannot forget to respond when they have received a message on their pager. And when they do respond a simple press of the cancel button tells other staff members that the call has been answered - its an incredible feature that you will only ever find implemented on to transmitters like these from LRS.

These buttons are used in many sectors of business for instant communications between staff to staff or customers to staff by message paging and help improve efficiency within the organisation.

Butler II has one or five button options. The buttons can be programmed free of charge to your exact needs for the original purchaser. Battery or mains operation and suitable for either customer or staff communications.

One or five button solutions

If you just need a one button unit or a five button unit both costs remain the same. LRS programs the buttons free of charge to your exact needs. It is possible to send a message via pagers to one person, a group, or everyone and range is approximately 250 metres but with signal repeaters that range can be extended considerably further.

Dry contact can be used as a 'bell' and when pressed will page staff directly. It can be used as a server transmitter for up to five staff and is really the lowest cost solution for waiter paging there is available for quality products.

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Butler II 5 button unit